Read what careseekers are saying about their successes in locating skilled caregivers in their area and what caregivers are saying about locating those in need of their skills.

testimonials for caregivers
  • Your site is really easy and accessible . . .
    Thank you so much for your help! I was waiting to get gouged for some exorbitant fee, the way I have been in the past by some homecare agencies. Instead, it was really easy and accessible and I managed to contact several possibilities for caregiving for my mother in a short amount of time. I really appreciate the help.

    ~ Kara M.  Baltimore, MD

  • . . . an excellent service for caregivers and seekers . . .
    I think your site is an excellent way to provide services for both caregivers and those in need of a caregiver. I will tell you that we did hire a person from your site and she is working out great. She responded and was located in the same area.

    ~ Ken and Pam B.  Dexter, MI

  • . . . I have a smile on my face tonight!
    I just want to say “thanks” for your services, in one night: I HAVE A SMILE ON MY FACE! I have looked for a caregiver for my mom for so long. Many nights I have gone to bed in tears; but last night was different.

    ~ Valentine A.  Cincinnati, OH

  • Background checks made us feel safe with the caregiver
    My siblings and I were very worried about letting a stranger into our mother’s home to care for her. Mom has patchy dementia, advanced diabetes and crippling arthritis. She can’t live on her own (my dad died several years ago) and we kids live in other states. TheCaringSpace.com provided us with many caregivers to choose from near her location capable of addressing mom’s particular care needs, plus background checks that helped us feel safe with the caregiver we chose.

    ~ Harold K  Kansas City, MO

  • I live over 50 miles away and to know that someone is right there is great.
    I just want you to say thank you for your website. I found a perfect match for my mother. Finding qualified caring people to help is tough. Your website helped me find someone in my mother's area. I live over 50 miles away and to know that someone is right there is great. Thank you.

    ~ Helena B.  Belmont, CA

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