Words of Wisdom to Family Caregivers

My words of wisdom are for caregivers who are currently taking care of their own family members in their home. Some of this insight can also be applied to caregivers working with other families as well. Hopefully you are able to get some encouragement and support by reading this.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those around you. You will be surprised how many people want to help out and truly care about you too.

2. When people offer to help, accept the offer and suggest specific things they can do. Accepting someone’s assistance doesn’t mean you are weak.

3. Caregiving is difficult, and because of this, you deserve a break. Treat yourself with small gifts, outings, & praise for yourself.

4. The connection between caregiving and depression is evident. If you feel sad or depressed, don’t ignore those feelings. Instead seek counsel from a loved one or a professional.

5. Educate yourself about your loved one’s condition and how to communicate effectively with doctors. There is a wealth of information online and there are support/educational groups for almost every disease or chronic illness.

6. Be open to technologies and ideas that promote your loved one’s safety & independence.

7. Trust your intuition regarding the help that you hire and making the correct long term decisions.

8. Be good to your body. Without your health, you will not be able to effectively care for your loved one.

9. Stay in communication with other caregivers. You will find strength & encouragement in knowing you are not alone in your mission to care.

10. Don’t be afraid to grieve.


I am a caregiver, And a very good one. I treat like they was family. Like I was taking care of one of my love ones

Posted by TammyDobson | October 21, 2009 08:20pm | login to reply

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